Action-reaction justifications

SIT failed to look into the video evidence freely available on the internet that shows Modi justifying and contextualizing the genocide as a reaction to Godhra, and asked questions about the other statements that he was able to give evasive responses to.

It was alleged that Modi had contextualized and implicitly justified the genocide by constantly evoking the Godhra incident. When asked by SIT, this is what he said.

Q.69. Please refer to your interview given to Shri Sudhir Choudhary of Zee TV on 01-03-2002. In this interview you have stated that “Kriya pratikriya ki chain chal rahi hai. Hum chhate hain ki-na kriya ho our na pratikriya”. You have also reportedly stated in the said interview that the Godhra incident had caused a big shock in India as well as abroad. These people from Godhra area have criminal tendencies and had earlier killed lady teachers also and now they have committed this heinous crime, for which reaction is being felt. Please explain.

Ans.  Those who have read the history of Gujarat would definitely be aware that communal violence in Gujarat has a very old history. Since long and even before my birth, Gujarat has witnessed series of incidents of such communal violence. As per available history, from 1714 AD to uptill now, in Gujarat, thousands of incidents of communal violence have been recorded.[SIC]

So far as the Zee TV interview of 151 March 2002 is concerned, today, after a period of eight years, I do not recollect the exact words. But I had always appealed only and only for peace. I had tried to convey to the people to shun violence in straight and simple language.

If my words cited in this question are considered in the correct perspective, then it would be evident that there is a very earnest appeal for refraining from any kind of violence. I deny all the allegations leveled against me in this regard.

and also,

Q.70. Did you make a. statement to the media about post-Godhra riots by citing Newton’s law that every action has equal and opposite reaction?

Ans.  The Times of India had published a news item purportedly as though I had given an interview to them. The truth is that nobody from Times of India had met me. The falsehood of my so-called justification ‘Action — Reaction Theory’ is evident from this fact. The State Government issued a denial with regard to my not having given any interview and the same was belatedly published in a remote corner of the newspaper. There is a saying in Gujarati. “Ver thi er same nehin”. It has been my constant opinion that violence can not be a reply to violence and I had appealed for peace I had not and would never justify any action or reaction by a mob against innocents. Hence, I deny all allegations in this regard

Now watch this press conference from 9m30s.

Modi press conference (9m30s onwards)

Modi says:

Chaalees Mahila aur bacchon ko jalaa dena, 18 purushon ko jalaa dena, ye jaghanya kritya tha. Gujarat mein isaki pratikriya teevra hone ki sambhavana thi. Lekin sarkar ne ek ke baad jo kadam uthaaye hain, aur us kadam ke chalte, pratikriyaaon ka kshhetra bahut seemit raha hai.

English translation:

Burning 40 women and children, burning 18 men, was a barbaric act. A strong reaction of this act was expected in Gujarat. However, the steps the Government has taken, one after the other, due to this step, the area of the reactions has been very limited.

If I can find an incriminating video of Modi sitting in my home, why couldnt the SIT find them? Why did it take Modi’s statements at face value, and not challenge him?

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