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Modi rejected the allegation about having allowed Funeral processions in Ahmedabad City. SIT “somehow” failed to notice Police Control Room logs, and other evidence  about the large crowds with the Funeral Procession.

What does the image above look like?

This particular photo† is sourced to REUTERS/Stringer, and was used by rediff and a few others in their report. It is also used by pro-Hindutva pages themselves ( WARNING: Graphic images of Godhra victims)

The photo’s descriptions says

Local residents surround bodies covered in traditional garments during a funeral procession in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, on Thursday.

Mourners surround bodies of those killed after a mob burnt a train carrying Hindu devotees. The funeral procession in Ahmedabad on February 28 took place against a backdrop of religious riots, sparked by the train fire in which 58 people died.

From Modi’s cross examination.

Q.62. Were the dead bodies of the Ram-seviks and other persons killed in Godhra incident paraded in Ahmedabad City?

Ans. The Govt was very particular that tension should not mount at the time of funeral of the Godhra victims. As per my information, the police played a proactive role in the matter and the relatives of the victims were persuaded to take the dead bodies in vehicles in some cases. The relatives of the victims cooperated with the administration as a result of which the funeral was peaceful and no untoward incident took place on the way to the cremation ground. Further, as per my information even the unidentified bodies were cremated at a distance of about 200 meters from the Sole Civil Hospital after completing necessary legal formalities. The allegation is therefore without any basis.

However, Police Control Room (PCR) message logs indicate otherwise.

Note, these were part of the same records that were previously claimed to have been destroyed by the Gujarat Government, but mysteriously reappeared soon, and only after Supreme Court asked SIT to investigate the charges of destruction of records further. It is clear that SIT has not bothered to re-visit parts of investigations and conclusions based on these records.

“February 28, 2002: Time: 11:58 am

PCR message (Sola Hospital)

State Intelligence Bureau: Page No. 5907 & 5925(Annexure IV File XIV)

Funeral procession of 10 bodies taken out from Ramol Jantanagar to Hatkeshwar crematorium 5-6,000 people accompanied procession.”

Also note numerous messages reporting of rioting near Sola Hospital itself. (See Charts 1 and 2 below)

If we examine the map of Ahmedabad, Sola Civil Hospital is towards the North Eastern part of Ahmedabad, near the High Court. Ramola is towards the opposite end of the City, and the Hatkeshwar Cremation grounds are about 4-5 Km from Ramola. All typical road routes from Sola civil hospital to Ramola would cross through large parts of central Ahmedabad.




Concerned Citizens Tribunal notes (Vol II, Page 132)

1.3. Following Shri Modi’’s diktat, the bodies of the passengers burnt to death in a compartment of the Sabarmati Express at Godhra, were taken by road in a cavalcade to the Sola Civil Hospital in Ahmedabad. ‘Rambhakts’ in the cavalcade resorted to provocative sloganeering, expressing their rage and threatening revenge. The state controlled media was used to broadcast this message and the local Akashvani radio station even announced the cavalcade’s scheduled time of arrival in Ahmedabad. By the time the dead bodies reached the civil hospital, a highly charged crowd had already assembled there, shouting incendiary slogans like, Khoon ka badla khoon se lenge (We will avenge blood with blood).


  1. India Today report – warnings ignored

† Check its authenticity for yourselves, save it on your computer, go to and search for all matching images.

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