Modi declaring Godhra attack pre-planned

Not only a blatant lie to the SIT by Modi, but contradicted by him in answer to a later question.

Yet no challenge by the toothless SIT

The allegation was that Modi and his ministers had incited the violence rather than calming things down by making irresponsible statements about the Godhra incident.

Question 10, SIT interrogation of Modi.

SIT: Did you declare the Godhra incident as pre-planned and that Pakistani/ISI hands were behind the Godhra incident? If so, on what basis?

Modi: I did not utter any such words in the assembly. Of course, the media had put some questions to me about it, but I had told [them] that nothing could be said until the investigation was completed.

There are numerous media reports quoting Modi calling Godhra a “pre-planned attack” much before even Gujarat govt’s investigation were completed. It seems the official press release from CM on Feb 27 had called Godhra incident “a preplanned inhuman collective violent act of terrorism”.

For example, this report from the day itself, mentions it.

Attack was planned?

Mr. Modi hinted at the possibility of the attack being a “planned” one, pointing out that the train was “attacked” at the Godhra railway platform, where it halts for only about three minutes.

Also, check this, has links to several sources on this point.

Allegedly, At about 7.30 p.m. on Akashwani Gujarati radio broadcast, Modi stated that the incident at Godhra was a preplanned ISI-driven conspiracy.(To be confirmed)

Strangely, Modi contradicted himself in the answer to a later answer to SIT! (Question 16)

SIT: Did you meet mediapersons at Godhra?


Modi: While I was at Collectorate, Godhra, a lot of mediapersons had assembled there. I briefed them about the incident and informed them that the culprits would not be spared and that a compensation of Rs 2 lakh per victim would be paid. I also appealed to [the] public through them for maintenance of peace. I also informed the media that on the basis of facts narrated to me by the persons present on the spot as well as injured persons, the incident appeared to be a serious and preplanned conspiracy. (emphasis added)

Modi was not challenged with any follow up question on this.

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