The SIT was dominated by the cops from Gujarat Police, the same organisation whose senior officers were accused of colluding with the rioters.

Shortcomings of SIT

SIT Investigations have failed to establish a “Chain of Responsibility”. There are no challenges to claims made by Modi.

Ministers in Police Control Rooms

Modi lied about being unaware of the presence of two ministers in control room. SIT failed to investigate these minister’s roles in conjunction with their phone records

Action-reaction justifications

SIT failed to look into the video evidence freely available on the internet that shows Modi justifying and contextualizing the genocide as a reaction to Godhra, and asked questions about the other statements that he was able to give evasive responses to.

Mystery of missing Police records

If Modi really had a clear conscience, and nothing to hide, why would his Government show unusual haste in destroying crucial records from the riots period, while many cases were still sub judice?

Funeral Procession

Modi rejected the allegation about having allowed Funeral processions in Ahmedabad City. SIT “somehow” failed to notice Police Control Room logs, and other evidence about the large crowds with the Funeral Procession.

SIT – Role of Police officers

Even the Police officers directly indicted by the SIT itself, had been rewarded by the Gujarat Government.Strangely, the SIT still rejected the allegations about treatment of officers.