• A surgical-strike-on-reason image showing Modi hitting a thinking man, questions over para drop, and use of the strikes and army operation for propaganda

    A Surgical Strike on Reason

    Like all things with this government, an Army operation has also become a tool for promotion of Modi. Media is exaggerating the strike disproportionately and making some outlandish claims, hurting Indian Army’s past valour.

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  • The SIT

    The SIT was dominated by the cops from Gujarat Police, the same organisation whose senior officers were accused of colluding with the rioters.

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  • Haren Pandya’s murder

    It is almost certain that the investigation to find Pandya’s killer was DELIBERATELY botched up. Why would a former Home Minister’s death be treated so shabbily that even fundamentals of the investigation were incorrect?

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  • Dangers of Majoritarianism

    Should flawed implementation of a good ideology become grounds for us to switch to a flawed ideology? Majoritarianism is a dangerous path, we risk becoming what we hate.

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Bose and INA’s contibution

As a fiercely secular leftist Bose’s legacy is appropriated by the Hindu right wing, we examine some of the popular misconceptions about Netaji’s relations with various congress leaders, the historical facts of the INA role during Burma campaign, and the circumstances that played a role in Indian independence.

BJP/Sangh Parivar

Why the Right is wrong

Does the typical knee-jerk response of the right wing to any act of terror end up helping the enemy? Is copying the approach of a Regressive Bigoted Mullah the “right answer” at all?