Snoopgate – Beti Chhupao, Beti Bachao

The snooping of a young lady by Modi and Shah was an illegal encroachment into a citizen’s right to privacy, and corroborated IAS Pradeep Sharma’s allegations against Mr Modi. What if, maybe, just maybe, his allegations were true?

The Myth of an Incorruptible Mr Modi

Despite both circumstantial and directly incriminating evidence of corruption and cronyism, a myth of Incorruptible Mr Modi, of “Na Khaunga aur Na Khaane Doonga” has been built on fake news and suppression of investigations.

A surgical-strike-on-reason image showing Modi hitting a thinking man, questions over para drop, and use of the strikes and army operation for propaganda

A Surgical Strike on Reason

Like all things with this government, an Army operation has also become a tool for promotion of Modi. Media is exaggerating the strike disproportionately and making some outlandish claims, hurting Indian Army’s past valour.

Rafale Scam

PM Modi has renegotiated the Rafale deal to great advantage of Ambanis and even greater disadvantage to India. He is now buying far fewer planes at multifold cost without any technology transfer – just to enrich The Ambanis.

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