Shortcomings of SIT

SIT Investigations have failed to establish a “Chain of Responsibility” amongst the Sangh Parivar culprits. For instance, we still do not know why ministers at Police control room were in touch with Jaydeep Patel during the riots, who was in touch with Babu Bajrangi and Maya Kodnani.

If we read Modi’s answers to SIT, it also becomes clear that he is not being challenged, there are no follow up questions, no cross examination of his claims.

Here is a list of such shortcomings, each discussed in detail in the pages below.

  1. Handing over of the dead bodies to VHP
  2. Funeral Procession
  3. Modi declaring Godhra attack pre-planned
  4. Haren Pandya Testimony to CCT
  5. Role of Police officers
  6. Mystery of missing Police records
  7. Hate Speech at Becharaji
  8. Action-Reaction justifications of violence

Some other such contradictions and errors between the two versions of SIT itself have been listed here.


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