The Godhra Fire

If the Gujarat Government’s theory of Godhra being a pre-planned conspiracy was indeed the truth, why did their lead investigator need to resort to bribing the witnesses? Why couldn’t they create a foolproof case, with more reliable witnesses? Why did they have to change their own charge-sheet after the forensic reports?

Nanavati Commission

Why couldn’t UPA nail down Modi in 10 years of its rule? The answer lies in Commissions of enquiry act precluding central government from appointing another commission for the same purpose.


The SIT was dominated by the cops from Gujarat Police, the same organisation whose senior officers were accused of colluding with the rioters.

Shortcomings of SIT

SIT Investigations have failed to establish a “Chain of Responsibility”. There are no challenges to claims made by Modi.

Modi’s lies to the SIT

During his questioning by the SIT, Mr Modi blatantly lied on several occasions, even contradicted himself in the answer to later questions. Yet there was

Haren Pandya’s murder

It is almost certain that the investigation to find Pandya’s killer was DELIBERATELY botched up. Why would a former Home Minister’s death be treated so shabbily that even fundamentals of the investigation were incorrect?

SIT – Role of Police officers

Even the Police officers directly indicted by the SIT itself, had been rewarded by the Gujarat Government.Strangely, the SIT still rejected the allegations about treatment of officers.

Unable, or Unwilling?

Was an otherwise supposedly capable administrator, Mr. Modi, really unable , or just unwilling to control a genocide?