Rafale Lies – it is getting murkier

The blatant lies, obfuscation and arbitrary last refuge in “National Security” from the Government on Rafale Scam only makes it murkier. If you weren’t sure about any wrongdoing before, you should be now.

The 4G Scam – Jio aur khao

Ambani acquired nationwide 4G spectrum at 1/10th of the Rs 1,76,000 Crores expected from the 2G auctions, without as much of a whimper of a protest.

DeMonetisation – A Tughlaqi Firman

An ill conceived, poorly targeted and badly planned move that disrupts lives of millions of poor needlessly, that was most likely not carried out for any sound economic reasons, but political gains.

From Ru$$ia, with Love

The recent purchase of Ruia’s Essar Oil by Russia’s Rosneft is at an unusually attractive valuation, raising speculation if there is something fishy in the deal.

Rafale Scam

PM Modi has renegotiated the Rafale deal to great advantage of Ambanis and even greater disadvantage to India. He is now buying far fewer planes at multifold cost without any technology transfer – just to enrich The Ambanis.

Nehruvian Socialism

Nehru is blamed for pushing India towards socialism. How much blame is justifiable? What was the economic policy of Jana Sangh during 1950’s and 60s?

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