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The Myth of an Incorruptible Mr Modi

Despite both circumstantial and directly incriminating evidence of corruption and cronyism, a myth of Incorruptible Mr Modi, of “Na Khaunga aur Na Khaane Doonga” has been built on fake news and suppression of investigations.

From Ru$$ia, with Love

The recent purchase of Ruia’s Essar Oil by Russia’s Rosneft is at an unusually attractive valuation, raising speculation if there is something fishy in the deal.

A surgical-strike-on-reason image showing Modi hitting a thinking man, questions over para drop, and use of the strikes and army operation for propaganda

A Surgical Strike on Reason

Like all things with this government, an Army operation has also become a tool for promotion of Modi. Media is exaggerating the strike disproportionately and making some outlandish claims, hurting Indian Army’s past valour.

The Godhra Fire

If the Gujarat Government’s theory of Godhra being a pre-planned conspiracy was indeed the truth, why did their lead investigator need to resort to bribing the witnesses? Why couldn’t they create a foolproof case, with more reliable witnesses? Why did they have to change their own charge-sheet after the forensic reports?

Bose and INA’s contibution

As a fiercely secular leftist Bose’s legacy is appropriated by the Hindu right wing, we examine some of the popular misconceptions about Netaji’s relations with various congress leaders, the historical facts of the INA role during Burma campaign, and the circumstances that played a role in Indian independence.

Nanavati Commission

Why couldn’t UPA nail down Modi in 10 years of its rule? The answer lies in Commissions of enquiry act precluding central government from appointing another commission for the same purpose.

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