Killing of pregnant Kausar Bano

Does an inaccuracy in a 14 year old witness’s description of a gruesome murder make it any less gruesome?

Kausar Bano was a full term (9 month) pregnant lady, who was killed by Babu Bajrangi during the Naroda massacre in Ahmedabad.

A lot of Bhakts use this gruesome murder of as a defense of Modi!

This line of argument goes like this: “Sickular media claimed a pregnant woman was killed and the foetus ripped out. This was not true. Clearly all of this was lies propagated by Modi haters to defame Modi”. An attempt is made to discredit Ashish Khetan, who did the Tehelka sting, via this!

Kausar Bano’s 14 year old brother was the witness to the crime, and it was he who said in his testimony that when Babu Bajrangi’s sword came out of his sister’s stomach, the foetus was wrapped around it. This was reported by many in the press. So, the source of this story is not Mr Khetan, but a witness himself. In theTehelka Sting,Babu Bajrangi himself admits that he put in a sword into a pregnant women’s (Kausar Bano) stomach, so corroborates the story. (watch from 8:05)

Kausar Banu was 9 months pregnant.

Medically, it is indeed very difficult that a normally positioned full term foetus to come out intact through a 2 inch cut in the stomach made by a sword.

But, Justice Yagnik’s judgement says that some flesh had indeed got stuck to Babu Bajrangi’s sword, and that must have been mistaken to be the foetus by Kausar Bano’s teenage brother. Justice Yagnik finds  Kausar Bano’s brother a truthful witness, who was not deliberately lying or misleading, he was merely mistaken by the flesh.


This is just a diversion tactics to grab on to some minor trivia, and use it to discredit those taking risks in exposing the gruesome crimes.
We must keep it in mind that Mr. Ashish Khetan was not the biggest culprit of this gruesome crime.

The judgement

Here is the relevant par of the judgement.

“No doubt is left out in the mind of the Court about A-18 to have slit stomach of Kausharbanu as was witnessed by the PW, but at the same time, the description seems exaggerated.”

“it must be understood that after all, this is an observation of child of about 14 years old then and that his perception to such ghastly occurrence would be little different then the adult man with all understanding. ”

” The sum and substance is Kausharbanu was pregnant whose stomach was slit open, the other thing of swirling etc. even if is not believed then also the fact of homicidal death of Kausharbanu by slitting her stomach and burning her, obviously with the fetus, stands proved. ” [SIC]

Pages 1382-1384
Link to the full judgement

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