Ishrat Jahan Case

The State does not have the right to kill any Indian Citizen extra judicially.

Any number of post-facto allegations, substantiated or not, cannot alter this basic fact.

The real issue

It doesn’t matter what crimes Ishrat Jahan had committed, or was planning to commit, the fact is that she was killed in an extra-judicial manner.

State does not have the right to kill any Indian Citizen extra judicially. Period.

Even a Pakistan Citizen, Ajmal Kasab, once arrested, had the right to a fair trial.


If Gujarat Police or IB already had “solid proofs”, why are they emerging 10 years later? Why were these not enough to secure an arrest? Even if Ishrat was a LET member, and Gujarat police had proof of it, arrest her, gather intelligence, why kill extra judicially and generate sympathy for her? Who is the fool here?

When the state machinery can stage an encounter, can plant an AK-47/56, then purse or any other evidence is very easy to either plant, or remove.

In this case too, Gujarat HC ordered an SIT. Bhakts, for obvious reasons, do not believe the this SIT’s findings as “final truth”. There are numerous testimonies, (including that of a IB/police driver) to indicate that Ishrat had been arrested a couple of days earlier, were kept in a farmhouse.



Sanghi propaganda has been trying hard to alleged her connection with LeT. One journalist spread this via his speculative article suggesting IB report was doctored. Some circulated a photo shopped letter from US Embassy Legal attache to “prove” the same point.

David Headley testimony – hearsay of a hearsay

Headley initially said he was unaware of any female LET member. Then, Mr Ujjawal Nikam (biryani fame) gives him 3 names, and he selects Ishrat’s. This itself will be rejected and overruled in any proper court as a “leading question”, ” putting words in mouth” etc. This is itself a 2nd person account at best, has Headley’s said he personally interacted, or is he saying he was told by someone?

If we accept Headley’s response to the multiple choice as truth, and if we aren’t biased, we will give the same credence to Aseemanand statements, or Babu Bajrangi statements. Be consistent. Babu Bajrangi’s testimony was corroborated by at least 3-4 others in the Tehelka sting too.

But, why don’t bhakts accept our court’s verdict and accept a Pakistani national’s statement over it? Also, Headley has been pardoned by the Government of India prior to this testimony, and none of the deshbhakts are aghast at this?

Other Power Games

The judge handling Amit Shah case became Kerala governor, and one of the IB officers, Mr Pillai has become a director in Adani group. All very suspicious.

Justice Sathasivam dismissed a case against Amit Shah just before retirement citing another one already in progress.

Brother of Sohrabuddin, withdraws the other case. Well, to his credit, he fought alone for 11 years, but something changed recently.

Satyameva Jayate.


  1. It was murder most foul – The Hindu, November 22, 2011
  2. I was threatened before I withdrew the case against Amit Shah: Rubabuddin
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