The Myth of an Incorruptible Mr Modi

Despite both circumstantial and directly incriminating evidence of corruption and cronyism, the myth of Incorruptible Mr Modi, of “Na Khaunga aur Na Khaane Doonga” fame, has been built on fake news and suppression of investigations.

The arrival of a fake messiah

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  • Heavily saddened to go through the various scams cited above.Must be investigated thoroughly and vigorously, by investigative agencies and appropriate courts, lest these pose national security concerns….

    • Excellent. So, when Sonia led UPA got worried about rise of Modi led BJP by mid 2013, it “instructed” ED and IT to raid and “find” some “evidence” against two popular BJP CMs, Modi and Shivraj. Very interesting! And nothing against other corrupt politicians from BJP or other parties including Congress. Poor Mrs Dixit was made a scape goat because she was already out of power and favour of family.
      And then these papers become “evidence” for Modi haters to spread rumours. Excellent!

  • Very Good article, keep it up


  • fake degree mentioned in elections’ affidavit proves all above allegations are 100% correct….

  • Wonder why these allegations against the then Gujarat CM were not investigated by UPA in all the years that it was in power at the Centre, with the caged parrot fluttering to its whims….

    • saafbaat editor

      Its possibly a mixture of jurisdiction issues plus some opposition parties were also themselves close to some of the cronies.

    • The old saying is
      “hamam main sab nange hain”

      Another saying is:
      “Congress seth, jinke ghar sheeshe ke hote hain, wo. Dusre ke gharon par Patthar nahin fenkte, bus Twitter fenkte hain”

      This govt. That govt. Money plays it’s role.

    • I got two options to choose from.. Believe the change what I feel and see…or read some useless post and waste my time. Unfortunately I made mistake and read the latter, now I am correcting that.

    • Congress treated BJP as a respectable opposition ….. NO BJP FREE India or something like tha !!!! There were allegations of corruption against their own ministers and functionaries who were made to resign and face legal action.MOREOVER they never HAD any vinditiveness against BJP to keep hunting them with vengeance !!!! THeir RULE was TRULY socialistic MORE SECULAR though NOT totally free from conceptual errors NOR they had any HIDDEN AGENDA of HINDUTVA !!!!They handed over the reins to BJP when INDIA was already on the threshold of becoming a noticeable WORLD POWER !!!! Unfortunately at this juncture instead of simply concentrating on an EFFECTIVE and EFFICIENT GOVERNANCE BJP is THRIVING ON SLOGANS , false assurances AND SELF- destructive LIES !!!! bUT i THINK PROPLE ARE SEEING THEIR VULNERABILITY AND THE WAY THEY HAVE EXPERIMENTED WITH THE ECONOMY AND unnecessarily involving in various religious issues , faith and unimportant and irrelevant debates just to corner popularity. Now this release has revealed that all is NOT that holy with either NDA ,BJP or the PM whose EGO and SELF- PROMOTION has dented their USP of NOT HAVING even a SINGLE allegation of CPRRUTION in their 3 year rule !!!! I and my family voted BJP in the last general Election , which ONCE HARPED on SWADESHI ,SWARAJ and SWAVALAMBAN !!!! Strictly persona; views !!!

  • Just as Indira Gandhi misused power to save her political career, Rajiv Gandhi misused power to hide the bofors corruption, Narendra Modi misused power to gain /retain political power. Use of black/corporate money is age old in politics all over the world. So called developed countries boasting to be great democracies are not exceptions to this fact. Corporates invest in politics for furthering their business. Despite of all the revelation, the world is almost clu less about the solution to this basic problem in the path of real democracy.

  • Wonderfully compiled, agree to most of it.

  • We knew Power corrupts and absolute Power corrupts absolutely! …and Feku is no exception. But for the first time I see a concerted effort to compile scattered stories in a neat narrative and with documentary support. This article should become the first chapter of any book written in future on exploits of Feku PM.

  • Great job. Continue exposing.

  • Frustrated editor. Could not find something concrete trying to pass off lies and speculations as truth! Have you ever put such scams in congress party! Everyone knows your funding patterns. Dare you to post this comment. U r a feku

    • saafbaat editor

      Published this “Ad-Hominem” comment just to illustrate the kind of things we have as “rebuttal” !

    • Mukund Srinivasan

      All these happened in Congress Regime and they kept quiet knowing well that if they proved all these, they would have retained power in 2014.
      Difficult to believe they kept quiet to make him PM from CM.
      ED should investigate the writer of this story.

  • What is the proof of all allegation? At the end all sources are just some articles published in few newspapers which also dont have any proof either. May be they are using your page as sources. So it’s ” tu mera khuja me teri khujata hu” . Also inform UPA they need it badly. They are still struggling with Modi’s suit.

    • saafbaat editor

      By that measure, what is the proof of corruption against Sharad Pawar, Reddy Brothers, Vadra, or any Congress politician?

      As the author points out, there is more direct evidence, in the form of Sahara/Birla diaries, against Mr Modi taking money illegally, than is against several other politicians.

  • Gaurav Kulshrestha

    Kudos to you for compiling all the research exposing modi at one place.
    Salute you for keeping the sprit of journalism alive. Hope more and more indians read and share

  • M P Terence Samuel

    Wonderful, well-researched work based on documentary evidences, well-documented facts without bias and arbitrariness…
    Love to read more, exposing the ills of political class sponsored and surrounded by crony capitalists…
    Keep it up please…

    • Pramod Bhandari

      ” Documentary Evidence” ..? Where is it now or when UPA was at its peak ? Why dosent the Oppn have the courage to use ” Evidence” & move Motion of No Confidence in Parliament ever since 2914 till date ?

  • Modi government is turning out to be more corrupt than the previous governments. But ignorance and cover-up by Media has ensured that these scams dont reach the masses. TV channels and Anchors are acting as agents appointed to create a illusion that this government is clean and non-corrupt. Anti-corruption crusaders who were very active during UPA government tenure are suddenly silent and are mysteriously quiet on these scams by Modi government.

  • There is no use of this kind of individual opinion and meek approach to fight the Gujarat goondas. A collective street politic is need to counter Modi and his beneficiaries. We should give back the bjp in its with the same coin “street politics”. Let us unit before it is too late.

  • Very bold article with lots of statistics. A thorough investigation of independent in nature can only bring out the truth. But will it ever happen is the question which is unanswered so far.

  • This is outsourced corruption by him. This is also ok. But it will become dangerous once he becomes politicaly weak he will not hesitate to use available resources like defence force to his advantage. I will not be surprised if some war occurs at that time.

  • Shailesh Girathe

    Good exposae of Modi and his cronies, Manmohan Singhs every word uttered in Parliamentary debate during demonitisation …. of organised loot and legalised plunder coming true to its discourse

  • Excellent expose! A lie repeatedly drummed with histrionics a la cinematic style becomes the truth. In India you don’t have to repeat lies 1,000 times. Say it a few times in theatrical manner and urban and rural masses lap it like suckers. This happens in India regularly because a majority of the population is either ignorant or lacks higher education to comprehend political, corporate and business world chicanery and the many devious schemes the crooked play. People should examine the ‘Gujarat Model’ lie inflicted with finesse on the state and rest of India to know what awaits the country under this repressive, divisive and communal regime run by ruthless bigots.

  • Indians are getting exactly what they deserve. Democracy is for fair minded people, which we are not. Corruption (not just monetary) is considered smartness in our society.

    • Pramod Bhandari

      Agree . Bottom line is – forget all the chest beating of 1947 ….have we as a people or the (13) Govts we Indians Elected in past (70) years done ANYTHING To deserve ” Democracy” in 2017 ???

  • You cannot do anything by writing all these articles. No one cares about it. UPA can’t manage itself and no one can challenge Modi.

  • omprakash singh

    this article is fake as whole India knows Madam Soniya and Laloo has made millions in decades .Theybhave used money against India whereas Modi is Patriot and National and has gained power to make India shine again . offcourse he has used Adani money to fight elections which is essential . Now Madam Soniya and other Antinationals have started using this propaganda news to malign a true leader who will take India to superpower . Pakistan or China can not think of attacking India now. this news is paid heavily and will be sued in court of law . I can assure you that . Videshi Chatukar has written this to put India again in dark ages wherein security of this nation becomes threat by ISI. Soniya is a European lady and can never think intrest of India.Laloo has looted Bihar for decades and let his Goonda Sahabuddin make people s life hell .

    • Pramod Bhandari

      Well said , Sir ..!!!! …. No words more true than this

    • saafbaat editor

      I will ignore the pointless personal name calling parts of your comments, published them just to illustrate the typical mindset of Modi bhakts.

      We have merely compiled a list of things already in public domain, along with the references.

      Has Mr Modi yet sued Jairam Ramesh, who wrote about the GSPC Scam of Rs 20,000 Crores? Has he sued the various news portals that published the Sahara/Birla diaries?


      Think. Why not?

  • On the Sahara Diary , the case was already put up before Supreme Court and they took a decision not to proceed on this, so on what basis without any further evidence to back it you can rake it at your convenience. Accordingly, if you believe there is quid pro quo on Adani and GSPC case, why have Mr Bhushan not gone to SC for justice. It’s your good luck that noone has not filed a defamation case like Jaitley has done to Kejriwal for defaming others without any concrete evidence.

    • This case has already been covered in this article in detail.

      “Ask yourself, what if the same court had been “on guard” while ordering investigations against Union Minister A Raja? Would the 2G scam have ever been uncovered?”

      If Feku is so clean, why doesn’t he agree to a JPC probe on this?

      • Refer my comments below

        This case has already been covered in this article in detail. >>> This article does not cover Supreme Court order which has dismissed the case and provided multiple chances of Mr. Bhushan to provide the evidence but he failed to do so.

        “Ask yourself, what if the same court had been “on guard” while ordering investigations against Union Minister A Raja? Would the 2G scam have ever been uncovered?” >>> How is this statement relevant to charges made here? If you believe SC for 2G scam uncovering you should also have faith in the same SC judgement on Mr. Modi.

        If Feku is so clean, why doesn’t he agree to a JPC probe on this? >> J I am shocked to hear this, do you consider Supreme Court a lower place for justice than JPC. Why has Mr Bhushan then gone to SC, why has he not filed a PIL to have a JPC for this. Please get your facts right on this before you make any baseless comments

  • Excellent analysis

  • V good article.

    We tend to forget easily. Not just the scams but also note bandi but also how the CII initial resistance was broken.

    Keep the spirit of freedom and resistance to fekudom.

  • Great analysis, please make another study of the assets of all politicians at the beginning of their career and how much assets they possess at the peak of the career.Make comparison including Narendra Modi.That would be the real i education of personal incorruptibility.

    • I agree with this article, that was just the old model of corruption. Putin and modi are too smart. They do a nautanki of being humble, but make their crony freinds very rich.. and they have full freedom to use these funds.

      Adanibhai ka plane , apana hi plane hai Mitron..

    • Let’s see if they are capable of doing that

  • Pramod Bhandari

    If the References used in this , are so irrefutable, authentic , strong & therefore -dependable … then y did yesterday’s sole Central Power twiddle their thumbs for past (3) years ? This Is nothing but a collection of past Newsreports , compiled into Feku prose, pushed into uncensored ” Free for all” IT Space by out of job scriptwriters funded by scraggly bunch of frustrated disgruntled Politicians
    Sonia, Patel, Laloo, Akhilesh, Mamata, have a Mahagatbandah IT Cell …!!

    • Answered above by someone already, jurisdiction + collusion issues.

      BTW, the scams that were uncovered, were uncovered because of Media outcry, NGO activists + SC not bending to political power.. it was NOT because of some XYZ party.

  • Pingback: The Myth of an Incorruptible Mr Narendra Modi | Kractivism

  • News paper references as concrete evidence!!! Lol…
    Better understand what constitutes an evidence first

    • saafbaat editor

      As pointed out in the article itself, this is a lot more than what has ever been produced against Laloo Yadav in fodder scam case, and is lot more than was available against Mr A Raja when the investigation started.

  • Waiting for a Messiah

    Very good article sir! I am still waiting for the messiah. The true messiah who can save the Indians from these political vultures and their paid bhakts.

  • Hmmm… it’s said… no politician is clean…. it’s not bout Congress or BJP. The social media working on Mr Modi’s capmpaign before the elections and now have done a wonderful job of portraying him as the only leader that can save India. The recent revelations of Modi’s speech seeking support of the Dera chief (Ram Rahim) for the Haryana elections proves that for power anyone can stoop to new lows.

  • Time to stop his scams by handing over to inspiring ever energetic Rahulji

  • Jis jis ko position mila yoto chore nikal rahe hai.
    Jisko nahi mila yoto jal jalke mar rahe hai.
    Aur aise harkate kar rahe hai.
    Positon pe rahane tak 90% log chore hote hai.

  • Excellent analysis. Is the editor faced any repercussions for publishing this article?

    • Thanks. Just the usual abuse from bhakts, and a couple of minor threats (so far).

      • Modi besides all those killings in Gujarat was given clean chit and he covered his tracks so well that no social media even brought such facts out . People have accepted him as new AVATAR even with hands full of blood of the innocent citizens.
        Will anyone in India including CBI and courts have the courage to fully investigate ?
        There was a tape a few years back where Amit Shah was giving an hourly report of a young woman’s daily routine and was told that she was a friends daughter and her father has requested so but that was not so and the whole thing was hushed up.
        So let us hope rest of the media brings such reports are openly played before either it is blocked or his bhakta calling it FAKE News.

        • Yes, if you check our articles, this site is precisely about exploring such stories in depth which have somehow escaped the attention of people, or where fake news/propaganda dominates.

          The intention behind this site was to equip our readers with sufficient “ammunition” to counter such propaganda.

  • Al news come up just a waste of time to know al dis der is no more freedom fighters to end al dis govt parties and begin new India with new independce from corruption

  • I have got a rebuttal question.
    Isn’t it fishy that Wikileaks took 3 years to promulgate formally that ‘America is scared of Modi…’ argument is fake and fabricated?
    I mean they could have clarified it much earlier. 3 years is a hell lot of time.
    It may be possible that Wikileaks was ‘told’ to carry out this declaration.

    • Disgruntled ek-Bhakt

      Ah, I keep accusing you of being a thief in papers in Namibia. You do not notice for 3 years, and only issue a clarification then. By your logic, it is your delayed clarification that we should actually look at with suspicion !??

      p.s. It wasn’t just Mr Modi, Fake news propaganda all over the world mis-used wikileaks for their own goals.

      Wikileaks would need to employ thousands of people to actively find and debunk all those misusing their name!

  • Quote: In 2005, Modi announced in his typical “Feku” style, and with a lot of fanfare how GSPC had found gas worth ₹ 220,000 Crores in Krishna Godavari Basin, and that the nation would no longer need to import any gas by 2007. 10 years on, and after wasting ₹ 20,000 Crores against expert advice, the company was driven to a bankruptcy by Modi’s whims. GSPC misused its funds and allegedly formed join ventures with dodgy front companies with no experience in offshore drilling. [2] After 20,000 crore loss to Gujarat state exchequer, PM Modi forced ONGC to take over GSPC gas fields in order to cover up his massive misadventure. [3] Unquote

    GSPC found gas in Krishna Godavari in 2005 and Modi asked GSPC to spend 20000 crores?? It it a joke? Why GSPC spends that much money in Andhra because Gujarat CM is interested?

    This article is a fake.

    • Be_A_Voter_Not_A_Bhakt

      The numbers in square brackets [2] & [3] are the references of the claim.

      You clearly have no clue about this story.

      Gas in offshore Gas fields is not a property of Andhra. GoI gives drilling licenses to any company that bids for it.

      Read about GSPC’s disastrous foray into Krishna Godavari Basin Gas exploration under Mr Modi’s push (bit like his Notebandi).

  • This is a loot. The people of India are being fooled. The Holy media is terrorized and the loot continues. Modi and his government has to be thrown out. Politically and may be…

  • I am not at all surprised by reading this article. It only proves that Feku Modi has better skill of managing things than dynast queen Sonia.

    We indians have to live with this reality as we have no better choice other than bloody revolution.

    Are we ready for that? All of us know the answer. So who bothers?

  • A real eye opener. Diligently researched and a courageous piece of journalism at that. Sincere compliments.

  • most of the political tycoons are Corrupt , they make relationship with muscle power people of the society , big corporate houses ,, to enjoy the long term power game in the states, or in centre government .Muscle Power , Money Power , and Political Power , together loot the nation without fear .

  • Gujarat is due for elections in Nov/Dec 2017. Modi has already made seven trips with each trips costing several crores of expenses. He is likely to go over once more before elections and for that again crores are being spent sprucing up and decorating the places he may visit. May be he is not himself corrupt but all these expenditures – well, you make money either by honest means or by dishonest means just to spend and enjoy the life.

  • Congratulations !!! And Thanks for this Very Very Good Article.

  • Shailesh Girathe

    Please send detailed news on such articles which are being suppressed by Modi Regime

  • Huge respect for your courage to speak against the most dictatorial government this country has ever seen.

  • The sad part is that we see so many educated, well thinking radicalized bhakts who seem to lose all reason and just chant hindutva tones as these crimes are committed. Not only that, even close friends who are bhakts, violently attack their friends if a word is said against their patriarch. What’s happening in our country?

  • In 2008, a big rally was organized in Rajkot for “Jalshakti Yojna” where lakhs of people from nearby villages assembled to listen to him. For the city water supply that is only ten to twenty minutes and alternate days during summer, he had promised that there would be four hours of water supply daily. In the current year also same kind of promise repeated but nothing happened. Water supply just remains the same. Recently, 18000 tricycles were distributed free for the handicapped in a huge rally. Those tricycles were to be seen even after two days lying in rain.

  • I Left India For Good

    I left India soon after Modi became PM in 2014.

    Though I feel sad for my homeland, I am laughing at all you Indians from the safety and comfort of my foreign location.

    I laugh when your country’s GDP goes down to 4.4% (measured by the same standards as in UPA rule, not the fake, inflated figures of 5/7%). I laugh when no new jobs or foreign investment are coming to your shores. I laugh when your 1 billion citizens have to deal with outlandish ideas like demonetization. What more do you expect from a chaiwala? He’s not an economic genius by any stretch. First, this man ruined Gujarat. Now he’s hell-bent on ruining the rest of India.

    Modi is probably the worst Prime Minister India ever had after VP Singh. For those of you old enough to remember him, VP Singh was the man who handed over Kashmir to militants on a platter, and caused a nationwide stir with the Mandal Commission, causing lots of brainy Indians to leave India and work for overseas corporations.

    Luckily VP Singh lasted only 11 months or so. But you bloody Indians never learn. That is why you had to choose a second VP Singh in the form of Modi for your Prime Minister.

    You nitwits had to chose this poorly educated Sangh Pracharak over someone like Manmohan Singh who kept the economy stable in the midst of the worst financial crisis in the world in 2008.

    Each nation deserves their government.

    Americans deserve a clown like Donald Trump, and you bloody Indians deserve a polarizing figure like Modi.

    • Very well said. You flew over the cuckoo’s nest and many of us didn’t. I only have the satisfaction that I have been proven correct. It was obvious right from his campaigning days that he was Fake # 1 but the rest of the country was blind to everything … believing every lie he was spewing out like he was God Almighty. He has screwed the country wholesale right from the moment he made a big show of kissing the steps of Parliament.

      I also couldn’t believe how the Indian diaspora in every country he visited was falling all over themselves to listen to this idiot. I’ve lost all respect for those so called intellectuals & IT professionals. For me every foreign visit & mega event was an embarrassment.

      Today’s India is no longer the India I grew up in, loved & was so proud of. The country is in shambles in every which way & yet none will admit it. His recent speeches in Gujarat took us down “neecher” than “neech”! While he & Amit Shah make diabolic plans to control the entire country, I do hope Kerala is able to hold out against the BJP like the Gauls did against the Romans in Asterix!!!

  • Donald Trump is a different case…..even though he acts like a clown He is appointed by God himself. Supporting Israel is the main agenda. That is something very spiritual and it’s a prophetical fullment also. Glory to the God of Israel. But modi acts like an anti Christ. A real shadow of the coming Antichrist. Yes.

    • Thank you! For a few months now, I have also been likening him to an Anti Christ & finally tweeted something to this effect without actually using the word AC. Just directed attention to the movie Omen as an example of one who is supported by a “protection force” (media & bhakts) who will see nothing, hear nothing & say nothing against him & who will not tolerate any dissenting words/comments. One just has to watch Republic & Times Now debates to see how loudly protective they are. In their eyes he can do no wrong. So any corruption allegation, however strong, are brushed under the carpet. This kind of blind protection of an evil force is frightening

  • opposition mukth dangerours

    ALL are corrupt!? whom to believe!. opposition mukth is much more dangerous than loss of all listed in the article. Let this be an eye opener why opposition necessary to keep check the party in power. Opposition party must raise to the occasion. Kudos to the article.

  • Papa ka Ghara jab bharega to phut jaegaa.

  • When ever Sins will overflow, the pot (Ghara) will break .

  • this journalist and article shows bias … a balanced journalist would have also exposed stated the Congress scams and size from 1990-2017; and foreign bank accounts of all Indian politicians. To date of all the PMs, this PM works hard and swims well against the systemic Indian corruption and taken bold initiatives … Demonetization, GST, Automation, Green power; schemes to relive poverty, driving efficiency & accountability within the public sector, improved India’s world image and foreign investor confidence, etc.

  • Very enlightening

    • Frustrations are encircling once again. With whom we are safe ? And whom , we can believe ? Our country can never prosper with the kind of leadership now and then. Have no words to register my inputs for such leaderships. Wanted some one like Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose. Yea, I also agree that some TV channels are not true & honest to the spirit of journalism . Incorruptible image of Modi JI, is under question due to his 1% crony industrialists controlling the entire 73% of total Indian capital . Very unfortunate.

  • A great article. Some of the cases were being talked about by people on street in hushed tone during the years 2002-2008. Besides, the horrors of post Godhra events are well known including how issues were suppressed. If the surviving witness of the horrific Best Bakery case had to turn hostile, one can imagine the powers of the Powers-that-be! No guilty have been identified or convicted for the burning of the train nor for the genocide that followed.

  • Deepak Adyanthaya

    The hunger to get back to power and restart the loot is palpable. The desperation is getting stronger. We do have more than our fair share of traitors who can be identified as those who think of Modi’s supporters as ‘bhakts’. Name calling is their forte. Abuse and casting hollow aspersions is their only merit. The next election will show who the majority will fall for.

    • So, its ok for “bhakts” to call the others “traitors”, but they also then complain of name calling when referred to as “bhakts”? 😉

      As the article shows, looking at Modi as a messiah against corruption is a false hope.

  • You knw brother, even if you give direct evidence. Bhakts will burst their eyes and deny it, saying we cannot see, u read it out bhakts will puncture their ear drums and say they are deaf.
    This feku bhakti has already harmed the nation a lot.
    Every bhakt is running arnd to defend the supreme leader from Nirav Modi/Choksey scams.
    Keep it up brother.
    Few good men are still there.

  • Tushar Vadodaria

    I think author is produced by Congress, as all allegations which author made are happened during 2002 to 2014 during the tenure of UPA Govt! During this time so many Scams and Scandal leaked out of Rulling Govt, but surprisingly not for Modiji or NDA! Means Sonia allowed Modiji to become PM.!!!

    • Yes, most of the corruption cases are from 2002-2014, they are from Gujarat, and are amongst some of the cases where CM Modi’s government was accused of corruption.

      As we point out, Mr Modi never bothered to appoint a Lok Ayukt until 2013. The CAG reports that pointed these out were buried. This shows how Mr Modi was more worried about building his image, rather than actually taking any action against reports of corruption. In some cases he was definitely aware of corruption- e.g. by Amit Shah (Ketan Parekh case) and Anandiben (Gir Land case). Yet, we see no action.

      p.s. We are a self-funded social journalism initiative, and have no links to any political party.

  • Compliments for an eye opener . Well researched , articulated and covered . At least the kum-bhakts have the necessary knowledge to impart .

    Even when they have been corrupt , Congress beaten hands down on corruption as well ; and what a raincoat technology ??

  • # खतरनाकModi,
    # खतरनाकOligarchs of Hundustan or better say HinduManustaan
    # NoGods
    # NoReligions
    # NoCastes

  • Until and unless the investigating Agency like CBI, DRI, Anti-Corruption, are made independent and free from the clutch of Government and necessary check and balances are crafted between these organisation and Govt. till then we can not expect free and fair governance. Corporates are gaining access to these leader due to election fund and in return they are looting the country with the help of these leaders. They are in RAJYASABHA due to their money power and are member of different standing committee in which they are making provision for themselves and their companies. So, public have to learn these typical situation and choose right man for their representative.

  • saafbaat editor

    Yes, also, to add to your point, in the past, at least the media used to apply pressure on judiciary and agencies. But now, our media too has become totally corporate, and a cheerleader of the government. Most media houses are either owned by corporates, or rely on advertisements from them and government for their revenue.

  • By chance, happen to see this. I too read many such articles. I bet, all so called intelligentsia has either failed or feared to admit the fact.
    And that is: till the majority feels to be taken for granted and treated as second class, this would continue to happen. Why did Mr P….. Started visiting temples? so suddenly faith risen in him?
    Did any intelligentsia file PIL against present leadership?
    One in US replicated it and succeeded.
    Why don’t intelligentsia swallow this harsh fact? They are simply paper tigers. Don’t want to come out of their comfort box and fear being labelled otherwise.

  • In an TV interaction with Shri Rajat Sharma,as renowned jurist of India in the shoes of Shari Ram Jethmalani,covered a wide range of subjects including the corrupt practices of various political leaders.As to Why I Modi he vociferously ruled out even an iota of underhand practices ie corruption.It would THEREFORE be advisable if the instant references are also brought to his notice to hold a sifting probe to un earth the reality.Even the alleged role of providing under cover to some businessmen and politicians in indulging in looting of Indian Banks and taking refuge abroad also need to be independently probed.

  • Another fake propaganda by one of 99% Congress owned media.
    What Congress were doing all this years. All are mere false accusations, we already seeen this Kejriwal, Wire and so on and finally ends up in apologising. If you people close your eyes and pretend nothing good is happening doesn’t mean that all other people are doing the same. You people have looted India for these many years. Why dont you people sit and watch the Good thing happening under Modi

    • saafbaat editor

      The article never claimed Modi was the only corrupt politician in India. Whether someone else is corrupt or not, does not absolve him. What we show here is that there is more evidence of direct corruption against Mr Modi than against many others.

  • My Q is when pm openly does support Adani or Mukesh , 2ndly let’s assume he takes money in what way is it helping him or his family ? U r not able to get one friendly person in income tax to trail down his bank accounts to check money there viza vee what he had submitted to goi when he contested election in 2014 . These are all speculation? Try to dig deeper with more documents like SSwamy does , learn from him on investigation.
    However a nice read is this article with no supporting docs !

    • saafbaat editor

      Thanks for your remarks, we have already addressed this part in the article:
      “It must be stressed here that corruption in politicians can come in many forms – a typical corrupt politician may brazenly embezzle funds or seek bribes to enrich his own family members.

      Now, let us look at Vladimir Putin of Russia, who has presided over the world’s most corrupt Oligarchy (some times described as Kleptocracy). Putin’s known personal fortune is modest 2 flats in Moscow. His daughter Katerina holds a simple academic job as a researcher of History in St. Petersburg University. However, dig below the surface and you will realize that this is just a facade. Putin’s associates are worth hundreds of billions of dollars, and these funds are available at Putin’s disposal for his political needs.

      Mr Modi has copied the Putin Model. He too doesn’t appear to indulge in the first sort of corruption. The bribes and favours he has taken are to help the Sangh Parivar, or his own self-promotion, not cash for his immediate family, who maintain a facade of modest lifestyles, even walk to bank to withdraw ₹4000 when a political need arises. His crony friends lavishly fund the expensive campaigns when elections are held.

      Eventually, both forms of corruption are equally harmful for a country.”

  • Dinesh Wasnik

    Excellently compilation of all misdeed of modi whichwere never investigated and systematically suppressed by him and his corporate friends.

  • Whoever took so much of pain to draft
    a nonsense cock & bull story should be saluted. He/she should have been paid very well for the hard work they did out of the money got from corruption. Say what you want, no one can change the mind of the ppl who want to see Modiji
    as PM of India & who want to see the entire corrupt politicians behind the bars. Hail Modiji.

    • saafbaat editor

      We always provide references to any factual claims that are made. I suggest you read our article on Bhakti, to perhaps do some self-diagnosis.

  • You have written it in detail. More power🙋

  • Excellent piece.

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